The largest selection of quality audio brands in Australia, brought direct to market.

Cutting edge graphics, modelling and design software.

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Established over 30 years ago, BusiSoft AV has a long standing relationship with sound technology.


BusiSoft AV partners with the very best brands in audio from around the world and passionately presents them to the Australian and New Zealand market. With strategic, well-crafted and targeted marketing and PR, new-age distribution strategies and an unwavering track record of customer service, BusiSoft AV has spent three decades going from strength to strength.


The management team has over one hundred and fifty years of collective experience in the audio and information technology industries in the context of importing, distributing and reselling products.


In addition to an in-house technical team, BusiSoft AV maintains a library of spare parts to ensure minimal downtime and the best customer experience possible. In addition to the technicians, BusiSoft AV uses tried and tested service agents in all major cities across ANZ.


BusiSoft AV is committed to harnessing the power of brand portfolio synergy, offering dealers and customers the right mix of products to drive growth and boost revenue.




BusiSoft AV offers the leading brands in 3D Modelling, Rendering, Animation and CAM for Australia and New Zealand. 


Representing the widest range of plug-ins and add-ons for McNeel Rhinoceros, 




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