Established in 1986, BusiSoft AV was borne out of a simple desire: to bring the best products from around the world to Australia and New Zealand. Having successfully fulfilled this mission for almost three decades, we have gone from strength to strength.

Our Focus

As the audio-visual market continues to shift rapidly, we are ready to bring the right products to a new generation discovering the joys of an authentic audio experience.


These are the customers who understand premium products and who seek out digital, wireless, networked and streaming technologies. They are unwilling to compromise on quality or aesthetic appeal. We represent premium brands, understand the customer and the technology, both of which allow us to educate dealers and achieve true sales momentum.


In the face of a competitive market willing to reward participants with consistent growth and profit for the right strategy, we continue to assess and adjust our distribution approach.


We have a proven track record of successful product distribution. In a highly competitive and lucrative market, we differentiate our brand and our products by:


  • only choosing to partner with the very best brands with true growth potential in the Australian and New Zealand market;

  • growing the market and increasing awareness of products through strategic, well-crafted and targeted marketing and PR;

  • demonstrating a track record of unwavering commitment to customer service;

  • embracing the digital world and its opportunities; and

  • having a track record of proven commercial success.

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The New Breed

There can be no doubt that the traditional hi-fi store has an ageing customer base. Today’s customers (and those who will continue to buy tomorrow) are interested in streaming, digital, portable and desktop audio, continuing their journey toward cinema and two channel stereo into the future. They also yearn for streamlined, beautifully designed products. 


We understand the new breed of audio-visual customer; the customer who starts the journey with a DAC and headphones and, with encouragement and education, continues by later investing in quality hi-fi components.

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