Viva Audio’s philosophy is based on the premise that people stream live concerts in order to FEEL the music and to become immersed in it. Science has not yet fully revealed how humans perceive sound: it is not with our ears alone. The Schembri brothers’ aim is for music lovers to experience a live concert every time they listen to recordings using Viva Audio’s equipment.


Viva Audio's unconventional product development is based on using both classic techniques borrowed from the “golden era” of audio, many of which are still at the pinnacle of the audio design art, and modern technologies, using the highest quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Viva Audio's equipment achieves the quality of sound that can only be compared to a live performance. 

Our philosophy is based on understanding the original meaning of the music

Our Products

People still attend concerts to enjoy the quality of live music although high-definition musical recordings are readily available for purchase. We at Viva Audio have set out to harness the emotion and pleasure of the senses that people get from listening to live performances.

The approach of Viva Audio is absolutely unique.
We blend classic methods of design with cutting-edge technologies using advanced materials.


Ranging from digital, phono preamplifiers and power amplifiers, Viva is proud to produce quality Tube based products, with the sound that stays true to the music, throughout each of our designs,

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