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Want to raise the bar on your audio experience virtually overnight? It's simple. Just rise above the noise. From our professional in-ear musician's monitors to our personal listening earphones, they are designed with one goal in mind, to help you hear more accurately. Try them once and you'll be sold. They'll give you hours of clear, crisp, fatigue-free listening, making it easy to concentrate on what's important - your music.


Trust your ears to The In-Ear Experts

When it come to your hearing, why trust your ears to anyone except an expert? Westone has over fifty years of unparalleled knowledge and experience in the field of hearing. We've been making products for the human ear longer than anyone in the in-ear musician's monitor marketplace. Having made over ten million custom products for the ear, our experience and skill are unsurpassed.


Pioneers of in-ear musicians' monitoring


Westone has been at the forefront of in-ear musicians' monitoring technology since the early 1990s, developing both custom and universal-fit products. With hearing care and music specialists on our research and production teams, Westone is uniquely qualified to provide the best performing, best fitting, highest quality products.


What has Westone been up to?


That's a great question, Westone has been very busy the past few years refining and improving our in-ear monitors and earphones but it all started back in 1959!


  • 1959: Bobby Darin's version of "Mack the Knife" topped the Billboard Hot 100 and Westone starts manufacturing custom-fit earpieces.

  • 1985: "Careless Whisper" by WHAM is on the radio and Mad Max, Beyond Thunder Dome is in theaters while Westone introduces the 1st custom-fit earpieces for "Walkman" style earbuds.

  • 1987: Etymotic Research approches Westone to collaborate on the custom earpiece for the first flat response musicians' filter hearing protection product.

  • 1990: MC Hammers' "U Can't Touch This" breaks the top-ten and Westone is the FIRST to use balanced armature drivers in custom-fit earpieces for in-ear musicians' monitors.

  • 1991: Nirvana defines an era and Westone starts working with Rush & Def Leppard to provide custom-fit in-ear musicians' monitors.

  • 1995: Coolio was living in a "Gangsta's Paradise" while Westone collaborates with Jerry Harvey to design and produce Ultimate Ears by Westone.

  • 1996: Ultimate Ears by Westone introduces the first custom dual-driver in-ear musicians' monitor, the UE5.

  • 1997: Westone collaborates with Shure to create the first sound isolating universal fit in-ear musicians' monitor, the E1.

  • 1999: "Hit me Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears is all over the radio and Westone collaborates with Shure to create the first universal-fit dual-driver musicians' monitor, the E5.

  • 2002: Westone Music Products introduces its own product line, including the UM1, ES1, and ES2.

  • 2003: Kelly Clarkson is "Miss Independent" as Westone introduces the UM2 a universal-fit, dual-driver in-ear musicians' monitor.

  • 2004: Westone introduces the ES3, the FIRST true 3-way custom-fit monitor.

  • 2006: Daniel Powter is having a "Bad Day" while Westone introduces a refined and re-designed UM1.

  • 2008: Westone introduces the Westone 3, the first true 3-way earphone designed for personal listening.

  • 2009: No one can read Lady Gagas' "Poker Face" but Westone introduces a suite of new products: the UM3X and ES3X for pro-level use, and the Westone 2, and Westone 1 for personal listening.

  • 2010: Westone introduces a removable cable option for the UM2 and UM3X and unveils the ES5, the first true 3-way, 5 driver custom-fit monitor.

  • 2011: Westone introduces the high end Westone 4, and releases the first Talk Series earphones adaptable with most smart phones. The Acrylic Custom (AC) series is also introduced.

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